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Project Description

Cavity Wall insulation

SABER Insulation are NSAI certified and SEAI registered to install bonded bead cavity wall insulation. Bonded Bead is an expanded Polystyrene Bead which is injected into existing of the house under pressure with an adhesive to form a ridgid board in the house cavity. Both products have the best insulation values for bead on the current market. The home owner wanted to increase the insulation of their cavity wall to help retain heat.

House Details

The house was constructed in 2001 to the current building regulations which means the house was built with only 50mm polystyrene. This will allow 50mm of bonded bead insulation to be pumped into the remaining cavity.

As the house was built prior to 2006 will allow the house to receive the grant from SEAI. The grant from SEAI will provide €300 to go toward the insulation upgrade work. SABER Insulation will help all home owners in the grant aappliction process and will even orgainse a BER for the house.

The cavity wall insualtion is generally done in 1 day but on larger houses it can take slightly longer.

The Insulation Process

All the SABER Insulation crew are trained and certified under the NSAI Agremen cert for the type of bonded bead we use.

22mm holes are drilled in accordance with the NSAI Agremen cert (Which can be found here). The location of the drill paterns are important as it ensures an even and full spread of the bead in the cavity wall.

After the holes are drilled in the outer leaf of the cavity wall, the bonded bead is injected into the cavity with an adhesive (this can be noisey). A compressor injects the bonded bead, which is stored in the back of our pump truck in a sealed unit which allows us to carry 20m3 of bonded bead.

The above picture shows the rear of the pump truck which contains 100m of pump hoses to reach awkward places and a compressor which pumps the bead and glue.


The house which recieved the cavity wall bonded bead insulation has a white plaster finish, the holes are filled with the same colour plaster to ensure a perfect match. SABER insualtion strive to leave the wall plaster in perfect condition. After the bonded bead is injected into the cavity and the holes are filled and we will clean up all the dust and dirt.

Advantages of bonded bead

Prior to pumping the cavity the house, the dwelling had a U-value of 0.51 W/m2k. After SABER insulation pumped the cavity, the house now has a projected U-value of 0.031W/m2k.

A BERs has been done on the house before the cavity wall insulation work was conducted. The house had a BER rating of a D1, which is average for a house of this age. The BER DEAP file can be seen below.

After the insulation work was performed and the cavity has been filled with bonded bead, the BER drops to a C3. This will result in the homewoner having a decrease in energy bills and a more comfortable house to live in. The BER file after the insulation work can be seen below.

When a cost comparison is performed after the cavity wall insulation has been installed, it highlights that the insualtion work can save over €350 per year on fuel costs.

This means that the cost of the insulation work will be fully paid back within 3 years, from savings made from fuels costs, While it also increases the reseale value of the house.

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