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Project Description

Insulation in a Bray Attic

We are currently in Bray upgrading attics to the Better Energy Homes (BEH) standard. When we are working in an area, we can offer reduced rates if we get more than 3 jobs in that area. We are currently upgrading insulation in Corke Abbey, The Lawn Bray, The Fairways and Elgin Heights Bray. The insulation upgrade costs for these attics start at €245, which are insulated to the SEAI standard for attic insulation only.

Attic Insulation required

The SEAI standard requires that there is 300mm of insulation in the attic, we increase the existing insulation to the required standard. The attic in Bray that received the insulation work got 200mm of knauf insulation counter rolled out. This will provide a great improvement to the home owner, as their was originally only 150mm insulation in place but it had compressed to only 100mm, this attic insulation make a big improvement. We also installed 3 lengths of insulated walk board to allow access to the cold water storage tanks. The cold water storage tanks were wrapped in an insulated jacket along with an insulated lid.

All the live pipework coming from the cold water tank was insulated with 19mm pipe lagging to protect them from froast and cold.

Ventilation is very important to the building, after we increase the attic insulation we then add additional soffit ventilation to the property. We install 70mm circular vents in the soffits.

As can be seen from above the soffit vents are very small and hardly noticeable when installed in the soffit. We have all colours in stock to suits all the ranges of soffits.

The attic hatch is then insulated and draught proofed to ensure that wind and air is kept in the attic.

We process all the declaration of works paperwork from SEAI for the grant applications to reduce hassle to the homeowner. We then employ a BER assessor to come and do a free BER on your house to complete the insulation work.

The insulation work can take from 2-4 hours to finish and are generally always finished within one day. Obviously larger attics will take longer to complete.

If you are looking to get the SEAI attic or wall grant please contact us to help with the process.

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