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Better Energy SEAI Grants

The Better energy homes (BEH) is a grant program ran by the government. The better energy homes grant provides cash to help upgrade insulation and heating systems. The grants will help make the home more comfortable and energy efficient to run per year. The grant is available for all houses built prior to 2006.

SEAI offer higher grant bonuses if more than 3 or 4 upgrade measures are completed on the house. The grants also allow previously upgraded houses to apply for additional grant measures.

SEAI Grants Available

the grants are only available once an SEAI register contractor completes the work. SABER Insulation is registered with SEAI and NSAI to carry out upgrade works. Below is a list of grants available to home owners looking to upgrade their home.

Energy Efficient Works Increased Grant Value
Insulation Attic €300
Wall –  Cavity €300
Wall –  Internal Dry Lining
Apartment (any) OR Mid-terrace House €1,200
Semi-detached OR End of Terrace €1,800
Detached House €2,400
Wall –  External
Apartment (any) OR Mid-terrace House €2,250
Semi-detached OR End of Terrace €3,400
Detached House €4,500
Heating System Heating Controls with Boiler (Oil or Gas) Upgrade €700
Heating Controls Upgrade only €600
Solar Heating €1,200
Bonus For 3rd measure €300
For 4th measure €100
Building Energy Rating (BER) €50

All grant applications must receive a BER after the work has completed. SEAI allow €50 for the BER after the completion of the work. BERs usually cost between €150-€200 per house, the BER will show the savings made by insulating the house.

There have been over 335,00 houses upgraded by SEAI grants. After the house has been fully upgraded, the BER rating should improve to reflect the increase in energy efficiency of the dwelling. The increase in energy efficiency should help to reduce climate change.

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