Cavity Wall Insulation bead Certification

//Cavity Wall Insulation bead Certification

Cavity Wall Insulation bead Certification

Cavity Wall Insulation Bead

SABER Insulation uses Thermobead plus Cavity Wall Insulation bead to insulate new and existing cavity block walls. Thermobead bonded bead has received a revision to their NSAI cert, which means that the bonded bead conductivity values have been reduced. NSAI has reduced the conductivity value of the cavity wall bonded bead to 0.034 W/(mk). The revised NSAI cert can be found here. This can provide a greater U-value to a new buildings and exisiting houses over other bonded bead cavity wall insulation products.

What does this mean?

To achieve the greatest U-value from pumping the cavity walls in your house you will need the lowest conductivity insulation you can install into the cavity wall. Many insulation contractors use bonded bead with a conductivity value between 0.038-0.035 W/(mk) but we install one of the lowest value bonded beads in the industry at 034 W/(mk) .

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The above is an extract from the NSAI revised certificate for the cavity wall insulation bead. If a standard block 150mm cavity wall is insulated using thermobead bonded bead insulation it will get a U-value of 0.21 or if a 200mm cavity is constructed the wall will get a U-value of 0.16.

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