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Climate Change Agreements

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Climate Change Agreements Applicable to Ireland The Kyoto protocol is an agreement by 37 industrialised countries and the European Community which sets legal requirements to reduce GHG emissions. The Kyoto Protocol was established on 11 December 1997 in Kyoto Japan. It took 8 years to come into force which occurred on 16 February 2005. The first [...]

EPBD Requirements

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The Buildings Performance Institute Europe remark that 40% of energy consumption in Europe is from buildings, which also accounts for 36% of CO2 emissions. In Ireland buildings accounted for 35% energy consumption and around 59% electricity consumption, this is second to transport which is the main consumer of energy. The Energy Performance Buildings Directive (EPBD) was [...]

Climate change

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Climate change is having a considerable impact on the world. It is affecting every country as it is having adverse effects on communities and economies, which will cost countries and future generations dearly. The atmospheres temperature has increased close to 1°C at the surface since the year 1990. In return this increased the atmospheres capacity to [...]

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