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BER (Building Energy Rating)

A Building Energy Rating (BER) is used to measure a building’s energy efficiency in Ireland. All new homes after 2007 that have applied for planning permission require a BER certificate. The BER system was implemented on all homes that were offered for sale or rent from January 2009. SEAI have a panel of qualified assessors which issue the BER certificate and an advisory report to provide guidance on potential improvement areas that are cost effective to the dwelling.

The BER is assessed using Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) for residential buildings. BERs were introduced to comply with the EPBD in 2006 which meant all member states must create a methodology to comply with Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

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DEAP is Ireland’s official methodology to calculate a BER for residential dwellings. It will evaluate if new dwellings comply with Irelands building regulations and the EPBD. Residential buildings are given ratings from A1 to G, an A1 rated house has the greatest energy efficiency and will produce ≤ 25 KWh/m2y, and a G rated dwelling is the least energy efficient and will produce ˃450 KWh/m2y, this type of dwelling will cost more to run on an annual basis. The building is assessed on its efficiency of ventilation, building elements, water heating, lighting and its space heating systems. DEAP does not take electrical usage of household appliances into account e.g. washing machines, dishwasher, and electric showers etc. The dwellings energy usage is calculated on an average basis of a notional family with average use associated with the floor area and not the dwellings actual usage of energy.

There has been a total of 681,059 Building Energy Rating (BER) certificates published up to quarter 2 2016 since its introduction in 2009. 79% of dwellings constructed prior to 1978 were rated between F and G. 92% of dwellings constructed in 2010 or after, received an A rating. This highlights the positive effect the EPBD has had on the efficiency of buildings in Ireland to date.

We have performed BERs for all major councils in Ireland and many private existing and new buiding including extensions, self built houses and for major builders.

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