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Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation is one of the simplest yet effective methods of insulating your house. As over 30% of your house heating energy escapes through the roof, the attic insulation stops the heat loss by preventing the heat from escaping. Therefore keeping your home warmer and more comfortable.  The standard depth of attic insulation is 300mm now. It is strongly advised that you top-up your attic insulation to reach the 300mm level which will ensure that your home keeps as much of the heat as possible.

Installing attic insulation will usually take up to half a day and it should not affect the peoplpe in the house which can remain in the house as works are being carried out.

Attic Insulation Installation:

When the attic of a house is been insulated the home owner will have to remove all existing objects from the attic. This is to ensure a coverage of the insulation in the attic. The attic insualtion process is highlighted below.

  • All storage and objects is removed from the attic space by the home owner.
  • All spotlights are uncovered
  • Insulated walkboard is then laid to provide access to the cold water tanks
  • Water tank (CWST), over flow, expansion tank and pipework are insulated to stop freezing
  • Ventillation is then installed usually in the soffit or in the form of a tile vent
  • Knauff Quilt insulation is rolled out between the joists and on top of the joists upto 300mm
  • Attic access is insulated and draught striping installed
  • All waste is removed and belongings are reinstated in your attic space


Attic Insulation for a house can vary for different styles of homes. This is due to the all house types been different and been built with different materials. To provide a simple cost analyses for an attic insulation service, the two most comon house type costs are shown below.

Attic Insulation cost


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